As a senior editor at Boston Magazine, my job is to find great stories about the people, ideas, and businesses that make our city tick. Here are some of my favorites, and click here for a complete feed of my latest articles and blog posts.

Giving Up the Gun [Feature] November 2013
In Boston’s most dangerous neighborhoods, criminals routinely use women to traffic and hide illegal guns. Can a new education campaign make a difference?

The Cure [Feature] September 2013
I profiled Third Rock Ventures, a rapidly-growing biotech startup that is hoping to make it easier to bring groundbreaking therapies to patients. 

Base Boston [Feature] July 2013
I investigated the ongoing sexual assault crisis in the U.S. Coast Guard, which does not receive the same federal oversight as other branches of the military. 

Summer on the Cape [Cover Feature] June 2013
For our annual summer travel issue, I assembled a group of outstanding writers to share their favorite memories of Cape Cod. 

The End of Ownership [Feature] — May 2013
After defining ourselves for generations by our possessions—cars, houses, books, music—I wrote about the dramatic cultural shift is under way that’s focused on sharing. In the wake of a collapsed economy and a warming planet, what matters to a growing number of Americans is not so much ownership as access. And that has made Boston ground zero for a powerful new force in modern life: The sharing economy.

Best Places to Live: Market Snapshot and Getting in the Game [Cover Feature] — March 2013
For our annual real estate issue, I wrote and edited sections of our cover package devoted to the tumultuous housing market. 

Mind the Gap [Feature] — February 2013
I asked why Massachusetts, perhaps the most progressive state of them all, has one of the country’s biggest wage disparities between men and women. 

Good Will Hunting: An Oral History [Feature] — January 2013
On the 15th anniversary of the film’s release, I spoke with the cast and crew of Good Will Hunting about the making of the iconic movie.

Back to the Grind [Feature] — December 2012
A profile of coffee pioneer George Howell, who invented the Frappuccino and helped shape coffee culture in America. 

Elizabeth Warren is Stumped [Feature] — September 2012
I spent several months on the campaign trail with Elizabeth Warren, the new Senator from Massachusetts. 

Return to Sender [Feature] — June 2012
V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai told the world he invented email. Not everyone agreed. 

So Appy Together [Feature]  — March 2012
What happens when your phone begins to know more about your life than your husband or wife? 

Single By Choice [Cover Story] — January 2012
More people then ever before are deciding that when it comes to marriage, they’re just fine with saying “I don’t.”

Top Docs: 14 Medical Breakthroughs [Cover Package] — December 2011
A roundup of some of the most innovative medical advancements in the past year.

Targeting Absentee Landlords to Clean Up Boston’s Problem Properties [Feature] — October 2011
A new city program plans to hold landlords accountable for the actions of their tenants. But will it work? 

Great Fall Getaways: Portland, Maine — October 2011
Heading north for an autumn escape to Maine.

Is College Over? [Feature] — September 2011
Are students really learning? Can teachers really teach? What happens if everything we think about college is wrong?

Person of Interest: Audie Cornish — September 2011
The NPR host talks about her Boston roots.

The Price is Right — August 2011
A program that’s paying parents to do the right thing for their kids.

Can These Styles Save Talbots? [Feature] — May 2011
The iconic woman’s clothing line is struggling to find a new audience. 

Hipsters to a T — May 2001
T-shirts made in China, donated to Africa, then repatriated back to the U.S. 

More of my published work, from past jobs and freelance pieces. 

From 2007 to 2011, I worked as special projects editor at National Geographic Traveler, where I wrote and edited for the magazine and the web. I also oversaw the publication of our award-winning blog, Intelligent Travel. Below are some of my favorite pieces. 
48 Hours: Boston — May 2012
Parading Around New Orleans — Jan/Feb 2010
48 Hours Boulder, Colorado — July/August 2009
I worked as reporter at New York magazine from 2005 through 2007, writing, reporting and fact-checking its 42 issues a year. Here are a few of my stories and projects. 
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