The New York Times

While working as a reporter at New York Magazine, I often found stories that wouldn’t quite fit into the mix. “This is more of a Metro story,” my editor once told me. So I began pitching them to the Times, and had a fun run of pieces in the Metro section before I decamped for Washington D.C. in 2007. 

Learning the Story of Queens, One Brisk Step at a Time – September 25, 2007
In 39 Years, There’s Little a Lifeguard Doesn’t See – July 31, 2007
Return of the Golden Chariots, and Other Gospel Groups – August 7, 2006
Agencies Join Forces to Aid Older Tenants – February 12, 2006
Older Residents Meet City’s Challenge in Walking Shoes – September 11, 2005
Entering This Hall of Fame Takes Heart (and One Spaldeen) – July 4, 2005

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